Infopavillon Ausbau Nordumfahrung Zürich

Guided tours

Project presentation at information pavilion in Regensdorf and construction site viewing

Project presentation at information pavilion
Are you interested in receiving a detailed introduction to the Zurich Northern Ring Road improvement scheme? We are glad to welcome groups of up to 30 people to our information pavilion in Regensdorf. After an introductory talk and film show, you will be given the opportunity to ask specific questions. You will then be free to look around the information pavilion.

Project presentation at information pavilion and construction site viewing
We occasionally take groups of 10-15 persons on a tour of the construction site and tunnel. For safety reasons, we can only offer a limited number of such tours. 

Info sheet

Please sign the info sheet and send it by post or e-mail to:

Contact point for Zurich Northern Ring Road information pavilion
C-Matrix Communications
Sihlamtsstrasse 5
CH-8001 Zurich
Phone: +41 43 300 56 53